• Joint filler

    For fitting boards, installing rails and to enable a rapid seal for plasterboards, SEMIN has various fillers available. With a great application quality and a guaranteed whiteness, our products make jointing plasterboards easy and are suitable for all installation conditions, regardless of the exterior climate.
    Our fillers for jointing plasterboards are the benchmarks of the market. Our plasterboard joints are well-known and acknowledged for their great quality and their ease of use.

  • Multipurpose filler

    We can offer you a range of products for your scratch coat work. Scratch coat fillers can be used to correct faults in the surfaces to be treated.Substrates that are not completely flat will be given an impeccable appearance thanks to the excellent filling capacities of our scratch coat fillers.
    Our powder fillers remove faults and make your surfaces completely flat. Scratch coat work is made easy thanks to its simple application in a short time.

  • Primer

    Preparing walls is essential, SEMIN’s adhesive primers and underlayments will provide an adhesive bridge between several substrates. This will enable your substrates to hold paint and wallpaper with a guarantee of resistance and safety. 
    By avoiding problems with stripping the substrate, primers are an effective preparation for your walls with an unrivalled simplicity of use.

  • Filler

    For walls that are damaged or are very rough, SEMIN has a wide range of products available for filling or repair work. Holes, cracks and grooves can be dealt with using our specific treatments to be applied before surface fillers.
    Some fast drying options are available for exteriors, providing you with a rapid and efficient repair. Filling work products can repair your substrates with great adhesiveness and can cover faults such as screw holes.

  • Compound

    Our adhesive mortars for bonding plasterboards have a high adhesive performance They can also be used for doubling polystyrene and rock wool and for levelling bases. SEMIN adhesive mortars are available in various ranges.
    These adhesive mortars come in the form of a powder and enable all types of paper-lined plasterboard with or without insulation (glass wool, rock wool, polystyrene) to be bonded onto concrete, breeze blocks, cement coating, cellular concrete and terracotta.

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