Powder adhesives

SEMIN’s range of powder adhesives are available in various categories. Powder adhesives are available for interior and exterior tiling, with properties that are suitable for all your construction jobs.

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  • Tile adhesive mortar interior class C1 TILING ADHESIVE MORTAR Excellent quality traditional tiling mortar, KEDOCOL SUPER is ideal for laying conventional size tiles on walls and floors. BENEFITS • For renovation, ensure that the old covering is sound• For heated floors, use KEDOFLEX

  • Tile adhesive - improved formula interior and exterior class C2 KEDOCOL PRO is a class C2 adhesive, which will meet most of your requirements both in terms of accepted tiles format and porosity, and of the choice of substrate. Its fine grain size ensures maximum compfort during application. Can be used in new constructions and withhot-water circulation...

  • General-purpose adhesive for tiling interior and exterior class C2 ET KEDOFLEX is in the C2 ET class, a tile adhesive designed to meet most requirements in respect of tile size and porosity and choice of substrates. May be used on new or renovation projects - long open time and resistance to slipping will make the job easy. BENEFITS • For fixing...

  • Deformable adhesive mortar for tiling interior and exterior class C2S ET DEFORMABLE ADHESIVE MORTAR PROFLEX C2S class mortar is the highest performance SEMIN tiling adhesive mortar designed to meet all your requirements. For facades and for applying low porosity tiling PROFLEX meets your needs. BENEFITS • On all substrates liable to flex grout with...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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