Fibreglass cloths

Discover our range of fibreglass cloths to complete your interior design products. SEMIN fibreglass cloths are available in various patterns: mesh, herringbone or ceiling. The fibreglass cloths are available in different densities and sizes and they are effective and easy to fit.

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  • Woven glass fabric to be painted 100% glass fibre primed with a flexible coating for ease of application and to reduce paint consumption. VOC: A+. CE standard.  BENEFITS • Very good dimensional stability • Very strong • Quality controlled : each roller has its own ID number • Perfect packaging with side plates • Non-combustible • Non-toxic

  • Non-woven wall coverings High quality. Without glass fibre. Very good dimensional stability. Do not contain substances harmful to the environment or health. VOC: A+.  BENEFITS • Easy to fit • No soaking time • Does not fray when cut • Conceals small cracks • Water vapour permeable • Can be repainted several times • Total removal when dry

  • Smooth wall coverings, glass web and friezes Odourless adhesive to be dispersed in water, ready to use, for soft wall coverings. For use on interior walls and ceilings. BENEFITS • Solvent and odour free • Ideal for heavy coatings • Apply with roller and spatula

  • Glass reinforcing fabric Glass mesh for covering facade. 160 g/m².  BENEFITS • Very good stability over time • No cracking • Very strong tear-resistant covering

  • Renovating fabric Reinforces the surface to avoid the coating cracking (micro-cracks or cracks) when the wall or ceiling is stress-bearing. VOC: A+. 

  • Pre-glued and pre-painted sheets Fibreglass sheets to be painted. BENEFITS • Suitable for uneven surfaces• Covers up flaws• Easy to apply• Pre-glued• Pre-painted

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
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