SEMIN primers and primer coats have been developed for optimising adhesiveness and the quality of the substrate before painting. Primers are available in various options so as to perfect your surfaces depending on the various problems you encounter, and so to guarantee that your walls are sound.

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  • Undercoat for plasterboard Using SEMIN UNDERCOAT before painting or hanging wallpaper improves the quality of the surface and avoids damage if coverings are applied at a later stage.  VOC: A+ BENEFITS • High coverage • A real saving in the number of coats of paint required• Very white 

  • Primer for smooth or impermeable substrates BETON HAFTGRUND is a ready-to-use, solvent-free adhesive primer for smooth or hardly porous substrates, for interior and exterior use. BENEFITS • In the case of securing a plasterboard to a smooth surface, BÉTON HAFTGRUND enables the board to be glued to the surface and thereby rectify any flaws regarding...

  • Fixing compound for new or old surfaces Essential hardener for the preparation of all delicate, powdery or excessively absorbent surfaces (plaster, aerated concrete...).  COV : C. BENEFITS • Hardens old surfaces and improves opacity • Makes it easier to hang wallpaper and wall coverings after application • Saves on the sealing layer before painting

  • Damp protection MOISTURE RESISTANT is a ready-mix primer for use on any wet substrates outdoors and indoors. It renders them suitable to be covered with any type of covering : fillers, finishers, smoothers, or cement rendering.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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