Decorative fillers

SEMIN decorative fillers enable a careful and decorative finish to be achieved. So as to easily cover your walls, our decorative fillers can be applied in one or two coats and guarantee an unrivalled decorative appearance. Decorative fillers are available in various types and materials.

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  • Interior decorative coating Thanks to its vermiculite filler, RAPIDECOR is a fast and easy way of obtaining rustic decoration by spraying. After drying, the coating can be left as it is or covered with a coat of matt paint.

  • Decorative coating interior SOLIDECOR filler is a ready-mix spray paste allowing a variety of textures to be obtained while eliminating visual defects in the substrate. Various colours and washable quality on request. BENEFITS • AFNOR classification NFT 36.005 Family III – Class 2

  • Decorative interior coating. Skimming- smoothing The SOLIDECOR GARNISSANT coating comes in paste form and is ready to use, allowing for the creation of a range of structured reliefs, while covering irregularities and blemishes from the surface. BENEFITS • High hardness• Ideal for high-traffic spaces• Ideal for smoothing over concrete

  • Decorative coating granite finish interior Thanks to its specific formulation including fine and highly white marble grains, DECOGRANIT allows to achieve a refined and aesthetic finish. Designed for mechanical spray-on application, it is an ideal and fast solution for large-scale jobs.

  • Decorative interior coating The ideal solution for rustic wall and ceiling decoration: KEDOLIS DECOR conceals substrate defects and decorates in one operation. BENEFITS • AFNOR classification NFT 36.005 Family III – Class 2

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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