Smoothing walls

So as to smooth walls and to provide a perfect finish to your substrates, SEMIN has various suitable products available. Roller application, powder filler and other fillers are part of our range for smoothing walls.

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  • Finishing plaster paste. Manual or mechanical application Interior finishing plaster. Can be used with Airless spray. It provides a fine, uniform and even finish and is easy to sand.  BENEFITS • Very versatile• Very nice finish, ideal before painting• Easy to sand

  • Extra-fine finishing filler SEMIN SMOOTH FINISH is particularly well suited to surfaces destined to be decorated with paint, wallpaper or any wall covering. Its very fine grain size makes it the ideal finishing filler before the application of a high-quality paint. BENEFITS • If the substrate is not perfectly flat, apply SEMIN DEGROSSISSAGE high...

  • Interior top coat SEMIN F (FINE) is suitable for most surfaces (plasterboards and tiles, coatings, concrete, cement, old paintwork) and will adapt to slightly irregular substrates. VOC: A+. BENEFITS • Excellent glide-on application • Very good finish quality• Apply second coat before first coat has dried 

  • Extra fine surface filler ready mixed PASTE FILLER Super fine finish comparable with oil based fillers. BENEFITS • OSCAR can also be used for small filling jobs. Simply mix with plaster (for interior use) or with cement (exterior use)

  • Fine surface filler for painting This is the ideal paste filler for extra fine finishing, designed for the application of oil paint (gloss or silk) to the highest standard. BENEFITS • ALICE can also be used for small filling jobs when mixed with plaster or cement

  • 3x less sanding 3x less dust Fine dust control smooth finish coating. Apply with a roller or spatula. Finish with scraper or smoothing trowel. Creates a flat, even interior surface providing a perfectly smooth base for decorative work. BENEFITS • Reduces sanding• Non-volatile dust (drops to the floor when sanding)• Easy to apply• Excellent finish...

  • Paste coating for interior finish SEMIN ENDUIT DE LISSAGE (PASTE COATING FOR INTERIOR FINISH) is very practical for the preparation of walls and ceilings before painting or hanging wall coverings. With a high resin content, SEMIN ENDUIT DE LISSAGE creates a very non-absorbent finish, significantly reducing the quantity of paint required. VOC: A+....

  • Smooth finish coating Roller application. Finish with scraper. This coating creates a flat, even interior surface providing a perfectly smooth base for decorative work. BENEFITS • 3 times faster than a traditional coating • Reduced sanding • Next coat can be applied in 4 hours

  • Undercoat - coating - finish A smooth white wall in a flash! This product is all you need for clean surfaces! BENEFITS • 3-in-1 • White with good coverage •  Easy to apply

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

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