Scratch coating substrates

Scratch coating substrates requires a good preparation of the surface to make up for flatness faults. For scratch coating substrates SEMIN can offer you a range of easy to apply fillers. 

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  • Thin rough plaster paste. Manual or mechanical application   Ideal plaster for renovating uneven or textured substrates (old glass cloth, droplets, roughcast plaster, etc.).   BENEFITS • Strong filling power• Easy to smooth• Long working time

  • Filler coating, for smoothing over Smooth, matt finish - odour-free. BENEFITS • Very good filling properties• Can be applied thickly, in specific areas• Easy to smooth and squeeze whilst setting• Can be painted over : 24 - 72 hours after the final application

  • High build filler Due to its very good filling properties, SEMIN HIGH BUILD FILLER is recommended for uneven surfaces. It is suitable for all existing substrates and accepts all types of wall covering. VOC: A+. BENEFITS • Manual or mechanical application (spray machine)• Eliminates defects in substrate surfaces • Enables work to be carried out with...

  • Interior high build filler Ideal product for renovation work. SEMIN HIGH BUILD corrects uneven surfaces to create a good quality finish. The quality of its application makes SEMIN HIGH BUILD highly effective on site. VOC: A+. BENEFITS • Very good filling properties • Ideal product for hanging wall coverings

  • Ideal for renovating very damaged interior surfaces (glass fabrics, rough plaster, drips) Filler with roller application. Finish with smoothing trowel. Ideal coating for renovating irregular or textured surfaces (old glass fabrics, rough plaster, etc.). Very good filling and covering properties.  BENEFITS • Ready to use• Quick and easy...

  • Skim mortar for grey and white interior and exterior walls Designed for skimming walls and ceilings, for both interior and exterior use, KEDOPLAN WALL creates an excellent surface appearance and accepts all types of covering : paint, tiles, plastics. VOC: A+. BENEFITS • Very good finish quality • Easy to correct uneven surface defects

  • Coating in paste form to mix with cement for fine skimming of interior and exterior walls and ceilings The composition of RENOVATION COATING makes it the ideal product for preparing facades before applying TPC-type organic coating or waterproof coatings. Easy to apply with excellent quality finish, it is ideal for optimising this important surface...

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

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