AluHydro access panels

SEMIN AluHydro access panels are particularly suitable for wet rooms. AluHydro access panels have innovative opening systems, so making their installation easy, as well as access to service shafts once the panels have been fitted.

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  • Aluminium and water-repellent plasterboard trap door Aluminium frame and water-repellent plasterboard trap door. BENEFITS • Specially for damp rooms 

  • White watertight inspection cover for decoration Frame made from aluminium profile, joined using TOX®-Clinching. Lip seal around entire periphery. BENEFITS • Safety catch on both sides• Hidden catches, cover does not require pointing• For wall and ceiling fitting• GKBi moisture-resistant white plaster, type H2• Ready for painting

  • HQ watertight aluminium plasterboard trap door BENEFITS • Improved acoustics – 31.4 DB • Special CMV• Integrated insulation 

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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