SEMIN frameworks for installing plasterboard comply with the NF CSTB and EN 14105 standards These frameworks enable a doubled wall fitting thanks to the various systems and options. Rails and uprights are used for fitting interior partition walls. The frameworks ensure completely safe fitting.

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  • UPRIGHTS 2.4 to 6 m Upright (C type). Metallic section designed for making the vertical framework for partitions, counter-partitions and trimming horizontal and sloping ceilings. The sides of the uprights (wings) serve as the support for the boards.  BENEFITS • Oval perforations (50 mm for M48 and 70 mm for M62 / M70 / M 90)• Quick, conventional...

  • TRACKS Rail (U type). Metallic section designed for making the framework for partitions and counter-partitions. Obligatorily used with uprights. BENEFITS • Perforation every 500 mm • Quick, conventional installation

  • Sleeves Sleeves (C type). Metallic section designed for making the ceiling framework, trimming and counter-partitions. The base of the sleeves is designed to serve as support for the boards. BENEFITS • Pitting - Quick, conventional installation 

  • Stringers Stringer (U type). Metallic section designed for making ceiling edgings. Necessarily associated with the sleeve.  BENEFITS • Quick, conventional installation • Makes it easy to hold the sleeve in place

  • Angle bars CR2 Galvanised steel profile that ensures the connection to the overall structure of the furring strip arrangements.  BENEFITS • Quick, conventional installation• Makes it easy to hold the plasterboard in place

  • Solutions and adjustable fixing systems for lining walls on metal frame 6 types available : 85 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 140 mm, 160 mm and 100 to 180 mm (to be cut).  BENEFITS • Speed and ease of installation• Easy to adjust after clipping in the sleeve • No heat bridge thanks to the reinforced polyamide composition• Good resistance to tearing and impacts

  • An innovative Semin product which allows you to quickly couple, assemble or join together two or three sleeves both safety and simply La Croix Solutions is an innovative new system (patent pending) for joining together up to 3 sleeves. This represents a strong, durable way to strengthen the supporting structures or incorporate elements like access trap...

  • Universal furring strip extension BENEFITS • Saves time• Saves having to cut off a piece of a furring strip and connect the two• For sizes less than 25 cm• Compatible with F45, F47-type furring strips

  • Curved rail BENEFITS • Easier to produce curved partition walls• Its cardboard packaging and the availability of the rail in the form of a reel• Storage minimised as the rail is rolled up• Easy to handle thanks to its packaging

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
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