Sealed access panels

SEMIN access panels are adaptable and easily fitted thanks to their adjustment options. These sealed access panels are quick and easy to fit, being fixed using metal tabs. Sealed access panels provide draught proofing for the building, and can improve sound insulation for some buildings.

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  • The only trap door which exceeds the requirements of RT 2012 The SEMIN R8 trap door is the only trap door on the market benefitting from these coefficients. Its R of 8.13 and U of 0.123 greatly exceed the requirements of RT 2012. BENEFITS • SEMIN innovation and EXCLUSIVITY• R= 8.13• U= 0.123• Insulation : 260 mm 

  • Roof void trap door kit, insulating and sealed. Roof void trap door kit, insulating and sealed, comprising a white trap door, extension and insulation.  BENEFITS • Complies with standard NF • EN 13829 for BBC sites • Insulated and sealed • Special roof void (extension + insulation) 

  • Air/dust-tight trap door BENEFITS • Airtight and dust-proof

  • Water, air, dust and smoke-tight trap door BENEFITS • Water, air, dust and smoke-tight 

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
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