Water vapour proofing

SEMIN has developed a range of vapour barriers for stopping the spread of water vapour. The VAPOUR BARRIERS protect the thermal insulation in order to prevent any water infiltration. Our water vapour proofing products provide an efficient water resistance and great strength for walls.

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  • Two-layer complex with high mechanical strength support membrane made of polypropylene and a polyolefin coating curbing the diffusion of steam Allows you to make the airtight layer for insulated constructions on the hot side of insulated walls (roof slopes, attic floors in lost roof space, vertical walls of wood-frame constructions, etc.). BENEFITS •...

  • Stretch adhesive tape Multi-purpose stretch single-face adhesive tape, for bonding joints and specific points. Enables jointing between vapour barrier and electrical duct, pipe, ventilation duct, etc. As well as jointing between vapour barriers. BENEFITS • Can be adapted to ensure better adherence • Enables perfect adherence on any type of surface •...

  • Double-sided acrylic adhesive tape  Adhesive tape for sticking the vapour barrier membrane to metallic frames and wood. BENEFITS • Very good ageing test results • Very good adhesion • Support tape made of PE = easy folding • Resists heat, cold and humidity • Can be used outdoors, perfect adhesion for all

  • Universal adhesive tape Joints and bonding for vapour barriers. Insulation joint for fibre glass, rockwool, aluminium, hemp and flax insulation. BENEFITS • Very good ageing test results • Peel-off protection: yellow, silicone-coated Kraft paper

  • For air-sealing and finishing difficult areas BENEFITS • Very good moisture resistance • Frost-proof • Non-corrosive 

  • Vapour barrier hanger Installation of a plasterboard ceiling under a vapour barrier. This makes it possible to pass all the fluid, electrical, ventilation ducts, etc. between the vapour barrier and the metallic frame. BENEFITS • No holes are made in the vapour barrier• The airtightness system is maintained

  • Airtight jointing tape Non-woven butyl roll with peel-off protection.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items
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