Multipurpose fillers

So as to respond to the multipurpose requirements of your construction job, SEMIN multipurpose fillers make all your interior work easy. By fulfilling a large number of functions, these multipurpose fillers enable you to bond, joint and fit various components, as well as filling cracks and smoothing.

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  • CE 78 PERFECT’LISS CE 78 PERFECT’LISS is specially formulated for finishing interior substrates. BENEFITS • High fill power• Very white, very good covering-up• Hand or mechanical application• Effortless spreading• Easy sanding

  • Multi-functional coating. Gluing- finishing; coating- smoothing 1 product : 2 functions. Gluing and tape finish. For coating and smoothing plasterboard panels. BENEFITS • Ready to use • Superb finish quality • Multi-purpose

  • Universal adhesive coating compound CE 3000 allows a multitude of indoor jobs: bonding of plaster boards, attachment of polystyrene elements, filling, smoothing, decorative rendering. BENEFITS • A single all-round product• Very practical to use• Minimum stock of products

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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