Waterproof fillers

Waterproof fillers used for jointing plasterboards in wet rooms and have exceptional waterproofing properties. SEMIN waterproof fillers ensure a smooth and easy coverage.

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  • Lightweight coating for water-repellent plasterboard joints Water-repellent coating specially created for damps rooms, with lightweight formula for improved glide and better yield. BENEFITS • Ready to use • Facilitates and accelerates operations • Multi-surface • Restricted removal • Specially designed for damp rooms • Excellent glide

  • Coating for water-repellent plasterboard joints Adhesive-coating for water-repellent joints. Green-coloured adhesive-coating for water-repellent partition walls - the special formulation of this product lends it superb water permeability properties for a plaster-based coating.  BENEFITS • Specially for bathrooms • Improved resistance to water

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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