Masonry mortars

The masonry mortars supplied by SEMIN enable an optimum interior or exterior use. Developed for use with cellular concrete blocks, these masonry mortars can also be used with refractory bricks.

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  • Adhesive for assembling cellular concrete blocks This is the ideal adhesive for the fast assembly of cellular concrete blocks. KEDOCOL BC is also suitable for smoothing walls and partitions of cellular concrete. BENEFITS • Fast setting• General-purpose suitability for assembly and finishing

  • Refractory masonry mortar REFRACTORY MORTAR Formulated on the basis of special cement, SEMIN refractory mortar is ideal for assembling refractory bricks and constructing chimneys, barbecues and flues. BENEFITS • Fast drying • General-purpose product for fireboxes and barbecues• Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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