Quick-setting mortars and cements

Quick-setting mortars and cements are used for providing rapid seals. Thanks to this range of quick-setting mortars and cements, SEMIN canl help you with all your interior and exterior masonry work.

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  • White cement White cement is a fine cement adapted to all common indoor and outdoor masonry tasks. COV: A+ BENEFITS • Can be used indoors and outdoors • Suitable for all masonry work

  • Aluminous cement CIMENT FONDU is a fast-setting cement that enables the quick utilisation of concrete between 6 and 24 hours after it has been applied. Ideally suited for applications where resistance to high temperatures is required. Application areas : industrial paving, foundations, sealing, fireplaces and barbecues. VOC: A+ BENEFITS • Resistance...

  • Ciment prompt Le ciment prompt est un ciment à prise très rapide adapté à tous les travaux courants de maçonnerie en intérieur comme en extérieur. VOC: A+ AVANTAGES • Prise rapide• Utilisation en intérieur et extérieur Quick-set cement BENEFITS • quick setting • Can be use indoors and outdoors

  • Fine Grey mortar Ready-to-mix mortar for repairing and finishing indoor and outdoor walls.  VOC: A+ BENEFITS • Can be used indoors and outdoors • Superb finish • No cracking

  • Quick set mortar Ready-to-mix mortar for use on indoor and outdoor floors or walls. Application areas : fast sealing, shimming, binding and minor repairs. VOC: A+ BENEFITS • Quick drying • Can be used indoors and outdoors

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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