Adhesives for plaster blocks.

Our range of adhesives for plaster blocks is available in different adhesive strengths for interior installation and coating. SEMIN adhesives for plaster blocks are the appropriate solution for all your installation problems.

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  • Adhesive filler for laying and grouting plaster blocks ISOCOL S is a general purpose adhesive suited to the assembly and filling of many different materials including plaster blocks, as well as plasterboard, earthenware blocks and cellular concrete blocks. BENEFITS • Wide variety of uses• Totally shrink-free

  • Cement-base earthenware block adhesive for dry rooms This ADHESIVE-FILLER is the ideal solution for assembling earthenware block partitions in dry rooms. Also suitable for filling the gap at the top of the partition. BENEFITS • Optimal adherence • Reduced setting and drying time

  • Quick drying adhesive filler for plaster blocks This multipurpose powder adhesive is specially formulated for assembling plaster block partitions. AVANTAGES • Quick drying • Superb finish

  • Multi-purpose adhesive specially formulated for partition walls, water-repellent adhesive for plaster blocks, water-repellent joints for plasterboard panels, water-repellent filling and water-repellent smoothing This multi-purpose powder adhesive is specially formulated for the assembly of plaster block partition walls. VOC: A+. BENEFITS • Specially...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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