Tools and machinery

For applying your fillers, various tools and machinery are available so that you can work in complete safety.
SEMIN tools and machinery go from a simple filling knife to the most sophisticated spray gun. This range makes the application of our powder and plaster fillers easy.


  • Blades and knives

    Various models of knives and blades are available from SEMIN so that you can find suitable tools for all your construction jobs. The tools we offer guarantee an easy application of the plasters with excellent coverage. These tools are designed for working on plasterboards.

  • Spray guns

    Discover our range of spray guns that enable you to easily spray powder or paste fillers. Air spray guns supplied by SEMIN come with integrated compressors and kits. These spray guns are mostly intended for spraying products.

  • Pliers

    SEMIN offers several types of pliers to help you with your work. These tools ensure simplicity and ease of use.

  • Cutting tools

    The SEMIN range contains the appropriate cutting tool for all the materials that you may come across in your construction jobs.

  • Planers

    SEMIN offers different types of planers and rasps to best meet your needs and to ensure there is a suitable tool for all your construction jobs.

  • Plasterboard handling

    SEMIN provides various solutions to help you move plasterboards around your work sites. These tools enable you to work effortlessly.

  • Accessories

    SEMIN offers various accessories that are essential for all your projects.

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