A family business of international standing.

The story begins in 1838, when Jean-Baptiste Laurent Semin starts manufacturing plaster.

1980 : Mr Philippe Semin takes over the company's adhesives business. At this point, the company only has seven employees. Success is on the horizon.

1990 : The company develops its business abroad: in Belgium, Germany and a large part of Europe.

1998 : To meet the needs of the southern European and Maghrebian market, Semin sets up a second production unit near Perpignan.

2008 : With demand increasing, a third factory and a training centre are opened in the Paris area.

2009 : The factory, head office and laboratory in Kédange, where the story began 171 years earlier, are brought up to date with the construction of a more spacious head office.

2010 : The Amblainville factory gains an ultra-modern production unit for paste products.

2011 : A subsidiary and showroom are created in Bejaia, Algeria (SEMIN ALGERIA).

2012 : SEMIN supplements its product range with the creation of a profile production unit in Amblainville, in the Oise department. Mr Semin also takes the opportunity to purchase his German trap door supplier, RUG, which becomes RUG SEMIN.

2013 : The SEMIN factory in Russia begins operations.

2014 : The company purchases its reinforced tape and jointing tape supplier in Barcelona, making Semin a manufacturer of this product range.

2015 : The purchase of a new factory in Tours producing more technical framework structures—extended framework structures for ceilings—gives the company a new impetus.

2016 : SEMIN shakes up the filler market with its revolutionary filler, REBOUCH’TROU, the first filler kit in an aerosol can. There is also a buzz around SEMIN's PLAKIST’TOUR service: training on new PERFECT JOINT products, PERFECT JOINT and PERFECT LISS.

In France, SEMIN has 5 factories and more than 280 employees, and manufactures and sells more than 150,000 tonnes of fillers and adhesives across three product ranges designed for painters, plasterers and tilers.

The SEMIN group has 500 employees around the world. 30% of its turnover comes from exports.

Its success stems from the quality of its products and the level of service that is SEMIN's hallmark.

To date, SEMIN has more than 5000 clients around the world.


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