The French Construction Products Regulation (Règlement Produit de Construction, RPC) states that in order to place a construction product that is covered by a harmonised standard or conforming to a relevant European Technical Assessment on the market in the European Union, the manufacturer must produce a Declaration of Performance and place the CE mark on the product in question. By compiling the Declaration of Performance and by placing the CE mark on the product, the manufacturer assumes responsibility for the compliance of its product with the declared performance.

The Declaration of Performance is a key tool for those involved in construction. It accompanies the product at the time of marketing. From 1 July 2013, a construction product covered by a harmonised standard or conforming to its European Technical Assessment must be accompanied by a Declaration of Performance when placed on the market. The DoP relates to the products essential properties, expressed by level or class or by means of a description, complying with the applicable harmonised technical specifications. It allows the users (or specifiers of the product) to choose a construction product with an understanding of its declared performance for the envisaged use. They will then be able to ensure that the construction meets the appropriate applicable basic requirements, taking account of the location where it is to be erected. Depending on the European region where the construction will be built, it will be subject to different environments (external temperatures, frost, sunshine, seismic activity, etc.).

The manufacturer compiles the Declaration of Performance taking account of its product and the envisaged uses. An importer or distributor may also be considered as a manufacturer if it markets the product under its own name for its own brand, or if it modifies a construction product which is already on the market in such a way that compliance with the Declaration of Performance may be affected.

A Declaration of Performance for a typical product remains valid so long as there is no change to the essential properties of the product (raw materials, composition, etc.) which affect the declared performance of the product. When modifications are made to the performance, a new Declaration of Performance must be compiled. A new Declaration of Performance must also be compiled if a standard is modified and if new testing methods lead to a difference in the declared performance.

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