Self-levelling floor compounds

Self-levelling floor compounds are used for covering levelling faults and irregularities in the substrates. SEMIN self-levelling floor compounds are used depending on the substrate and the type of the structure.

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  • Self-levelling skim mortar for P3 interior floors Skim for residential or commercial premises and medium-traffic areas. BENEFITS • New building work • Application thickness 1 to 10 mm • Can be covered with any type of floor covering • Pourable

  • Self-levelling skim mortar for P3 interior floors Fibrous skim without frame on wooden surfaces. BENEFITS • Can be applied to concrete and wooden floor (including en-suite bathroom) • Application thickness on wood 5 to 10 mm • Pourable 

  • Self-levelling skim coating for P4/P4S floors for interior/exterior use Skim coating for renovation work and areas of high load. BENEFITS • Apply up to 30 mm in a single pass • Suitable as a final finish • All types of building work • All types of heated floors • No primer needed on normally porous substrate • Pourable

  • Self-levelling skim coating for P4/P4S floors, quick-drying Quick, fibrous multi-use skim. BENEFITS • Areas of heavy use • Reduces waiting time on site • Apply up to 40 mm in a single pass • Pourable • Wooden surface

  • Self-levelling compound plaster base P2 areas With self-levelling and a short drying time, KEDOPLAN PLASTER allows very fast return to service of the rooms in which it is used. Its formulation makes it ideal, among other things, for the evening out of old parquet floors for the application of flexible floor coverings. BENEFITS • Comply closely with...

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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